Endodontic treatment, commonly referred to as root canal therapy, deals with disorders of the dental pulp located inside the tooth structure. This soft tissue is located in canals in thin tube-like spaces in the roots of the tooth. If the pulp becomes diseased or injured, most likely caused by severe decay or very large fillings, it will become infected. A root canal will remove the diseased tissue and allow your body’s natural defense system to fight the infection. After the root canal, the tooth will typically need a crown restoration due to the large amount of natural tooth structure lost.

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Dear Dr.,I would suggest that you and your staff keep doing what you are doing…very professional and friendly. My new crown is excellent..don’t even feel it!
—John B.

Always a very pleasant experience…and that is saying something for a dentist.
—Joseph D.

It was a pleasure seeing the dentist. The receptionist greeted me when I arrived and I was treated within a few minutes of arriving.
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